In the beginning of 2017, I decided to finally jump on what I have dreamt and thought about for a long time.  I started to realize that I wanted to have the time to do what I loved best.  To travel, connect, explore and be in the wilderness.  However, work, PTO denials, mortgage payments, bills and the factors of traditional adulting got in the way.  I dreamt of days that I could truly sink into the present and not have the countdown to the weekend or the lists of to-do lists dance around my head.  I decided to listen to what my heart was telling me.  It was telling me to take the time now and live.  Escape the societal norms and pressures and live in a way that I feel fulfilled and complete.   Logistics hold us back from a lot of risk, but I decided not to listen.   I decided to take the risk and see what is really out there for me.

I saved as much money as I could, quit my job of five years, sold my car and the vast majority of my belongings, rented out my house and bought a van.  This will be the chronicles of my adventures, experiences and connections I find along my path.

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