Pending Departure

During the last two weeks, I have slowly gotten rid of more and more stuff each day.  As of today, my couch is gone, the living room rug left, the piano is at its new home and I took 9 bags of items to Goodwill. My house is starting to echo and with each item that I get rid of– the freer I feel.

Objects weigh you down. I feel we spend the vast majority of our lives either acquiring items, moving our purchases one place to another or working more to pay for all our goodies.  I realized there were days that I would work, hours of my life ticked away, and that money would be swiftly spent on a tangible item.  This item would be exciting at first and then would fade to the back, collecting dust with all the others.

Last year I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” and it changed my mindset about stuff.  I was working and living for my junk.  Why in God’s name was I working to buy, store, organize and push around more clutter.  I quickly bagged up about 10 bags and removed them from my household by donating everything.  I immediately felt more present and happier.

This task made my house finally start to feel like mine.  It finally made me realize that stuff is just stuff.  Stuff isn’t what makes life exciting.  Experience, adventure, connection– these are the things that make life exciting.  Why was I following society’s pressure of owning things?  Why was I in the race of “the more you own, the better off you are?”

About three months ago, I decided to get rid of it all.  Purge the material, so I could have a life of substance.  The less things I owned- the more I felt alive.  Just this act of getting rid of the junk, simplified my being.  I started to feel more at ease in my own space.  As I purged my items- I realized I could live a life that had more meaning and purpose than the one I was leading.  I realized without the material, I could live very well with a fraction of the money I was making.

Our society got lost.  We lost our focus on what matters.  We think we will be happy, fulfilled, better off with the newer car, the newer phone or an additional pair of shoes.  Is this what matters?  Absolutely not.  What matters is that I get to see my mom laugh.  What matters is I can sit in silence and realize that my purpose is to connect.  What matters are the laugh lines- not the expensive wrinkle cream to cover them up.

I have decided to leave my life.  To leave my home, sell my car and my belongings.  To leave a life that is comfortable in order to grow a life that is important, awe inspiring, happy and allows me to connect with my people and my earth.  To leave a path that is obvious, for a dark and completely unknown journey.

“In order to gain anything, you must leave everything.”  This is my journey.  This is my purpose.  Come with me.


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